Attendance—There’s an electronic form for that

Effective Nov. 1 Non-Exempt and Exempt Attendance Report Form will be available electronically through Laserfiche, replacing the paper forms. Timekeepers will continue to make entries to the employees’ timecards for absences and adjustments; however, all Non-Exempt and Exempt Attendance Report Forms must be completed by employees and approved by respective supervisors using the Laserfiche submission process.

The new electronic Non-Exempt and Exempt Attendance Report Forms can be found on the Payroll Services website under the Forms option. You will need to sign in using your EAD username and password to gain access to the form, which will be routed automatically to the designated supervisor for approval.

In preparation for the upcoming change, please click here to view the training video on how to submit and get approval for the Non-Exempt and Exempt Attendance Report Form in Laserfiche. If you need assistance with completing or approving the attendance forms in Laserfiche, please send an email to


Clocking-in options

In its efforts to promote social distancing and maintain the safety of staff, Dallas ISD staff working in person in district facilities have several choices to clock in and record their attendance: the biometric clocks, available in multiple locations in district buildings; the web clock, available online; and the attendance forms. The choice of which option to use is up to the employee.

Additional biometric clocks have been installed throughout the buildings to decrease the number of users per clock.

Employees who choose the web clock can access it at, using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. When using the web clock, staff will continue to submit PTO requests directly to their timekeeper. Payroll Services has created a step-by-step guide to accessing the web clock and recording their clock in and out for the regular time and attendance and for supplemental pay. The guide can be found here.

Are you interested?

For those interested in becoming principals and needing addition information before completing their application, the LEAD Department is offering a virtual information session at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6,

The LEAD team will share information about the Principal Candidate Selection Process, how to apply and what to expect following submittal of the application. All individuals interested in joining the information session should RSVP at

Submit your application on TMS by Oct. 9. Those who complete their application in TMS by the deadline will receive a link from HCM to complete the second stage of the application.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact


Safety first: Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

Dallas ISD will enhance daily cleaning of all facilities, with special attention to specific high touchpoint areas such as door handles, knobs, and buttons. Daily cleaning will utilize the safest and most effective products approved by the Center for Disease Control and the EPA and complies with CDC guidelines.

The district will continue to utilize the CDC guidelines and recommendations to ensure we implement the safest and most current practices for the cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting our school campuses.

Electrostatic Disinfection

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the district will apply electrostatic disinfectant on a weekly basis. The product is a safe, environmentally friendly and a powerful disinfection product. The product systematically removes and destroys dangerous microorganisms in the environment and because surfaces are treated with a protective polymer that inhibits growth of microorganisms for a period of time after application. The product is registered with the EPA and approved for contact services.

During the weekly spraying of facilities and buses, classroom teachers may leave out any items they want disinfected to include face shields, computer keyboards, math manipulatives, books, etc. This safe application will reduce reduce the possibility for transmission of germs through those items.


The campus custodians will also receive professional development on the deep cleaning of a facility or a specific site within a facility. Should a confirmed case of COVID-19 be identified on a specific campus, the Environmental Health and Safety Department will be notified and additional measures will be taken if necessary.

Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays

While disinfectant wipes do not interfere with the effectiveness of the weekly electrostatic disinfection, they are recommended for use with spills and accidents. Each classroom has received CDC approved disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray to be used by the teacher. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to handle disinfectant wipes and sprays.

Get the shot starting next week

The arrival of fall brings with it flu season. Seasonal flu mimics many of the same symptoms of COVID-19, which can make it difficult for patients and providers to tell the difference between the two illnesses. Getting a flu shot is an important step we can all take to protect ourselves and our families.

The district has partnered with CVS Pharmacy to provide convenient locations for employees to get flu shots, whether on-site or nearby. Flu shot clinics will be available Monday, Oct. 5, through Friday, Oct. 30.  For ease of service, complete the flu shot form available here before going to get your flu shot.

The flu shot clinic will be available from 8 to 11 a.m. at two central locations next week: Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building Oct. 6 and 7, and at Turney W. Leonard Governance and Training Center, 5151 Samuell Blvd., Oct. 8.  from 8-11. Future clinic locations will be communicated through The Beat.

The district and CVS will be taking extra steps to ensure employees feel safe while receiving a flu shot by introducing new on-site drive through locations and door-to-door, classroom-to-classroom services. The high dose flu shot for employees over the age of 65 or at high risk will be offered on-site as well.

Dallas ISD offers a helping hand

Several Dallas ISD departments offered a helping hand to families displaced by Hurricane Sally who have been staying in Dallas hotels. The staff who visited the hotels offered help with enrollment for about 150 children, uniform assistance for those who will be attending school, snacks, laptops, social emotional learning support, and parent workshops.

According to staff who worked with families, students who enrolled in Dallas ISD are excited and ready to attend school.

Representatives from Centralized Enrollment, School Leadership, Campus Data Support, Early Learning, Information Technology, Parent Engagement, Food Services, Operations, Transportation, Mental Health, Special Education, Translations Services, Bilingual ESL, Reading , STEM, CTE, Advanced Academic Services, Computer Science and Technology, World Languages, and Social Services were at three Dallas hotels to help families—Anatole, Hyatt Regency Downtown, Crown Plaza Downtown.

Assessments made easy

A new online assessment tool developed by School Leadership, Information Technology and Evaluation and Assessment will make monitoring student progress easier.

The new districtwide assessment platform—Dallas Assessment Navigator (Powered by School City)—will be used to administer and score district assessments online. The system eventually will allow for more teacher collaboration and provide easily accessible data so schools can make necessary changes to improve student outcomes.

It will also help students get used to taking assessments online as the State of Texas of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, will continue to shift away from paper assessments.

District assessments will be available through the new platform, which will be on Clever and accessed through the single sign on.

The Dallas Assessment Navigator also allows users to easily create a variety of other assessments. Students may take assessments online in the student portal. The platform can be integrated with most learning management systems as well as Google Classroom, so teacher generated assessments and reports can be launched right from the digital classrooms.

Training sessions for teachers to learn the new platform will be available in the coming weeks. To access Dallas Assessment Navigator, visit and log in with EAD Credentials.

For a look how the Dallas Assessment Navigator will work, watch this video.

The Theory of Action at work

Through the Theory of Action Standards of Service, the Language, Literacy, and Social Studies Department offers professional development, instructional partnerships and consultations upon request for social studies and reading in grades third through 12 and all languages-other-than-English courses. Specific support may include:

  • job embedded instructional coaching based on individualized campus action plans derived from data analysis to target core needs
  • instructional coaching through a coaching cycle, professional learning community support, co-teaching/modeling and ongoing professional development
  • sessions on curriculum and instructional pedagogy

For additional information, contact Arlena Gaynor, Executive Director of Language, Literacy, and Social Studies at

The Dallas ISD has adopted a systemic approach and organizational philosophy that will bring consistency and excellence across the district. This Theory of Action (TOA) will govern how we make decisions that ultimately impact student achievement. The TOA clearly describes which functions are managed by central staff, which levels of autonomies are given to schools, and the structure and boundaries for those autonomies.

Time for OTI proposals

In response to the delay in the start of school due to COVID-19, the Office of Transformation and Innovation has adjusted the timeline for the Public School Choice 7.0 proposal process. The new deadline to submit the Letters of Intent is Sept. 25, with the final proposals due on Jan. 18.

OTI will offer virtual professional development and proposal writing support September through December 2020 to all applicant teams.

Over the past six years, Dallas ISD through the Office of Transformation and Innovation has launched 45 choice schools in all quadrants of the city.

The choice schools are designed and selected through the annual Public School Choice (PSC) competitive proposal process, which invites internal and external teams to submit proposals to become a transformation or an innovation school. The Public School Choice Competitive Proposal Process, Version 7.0, launched in June 2020.

Visit the Design an OTI School web page to view application materials and learn more. For questions, contact Shakeatha Butler, OTI Director


Calling all potential principals

Great schools that guarantee equity and excellence for all students require strong leaders. To ensure Dallas ISD has the strongest leaders for each school, the district has developed a robust, rigorous principal selection process that includes several stages for those applying for principal positions. The application window for the 2021-2022 Principal Candidate Pool is now open through Oct. 9 in TMS.

The selection process for principal candidates will include multiple application stages and various types of assessments. Only applicants who are successful during all stages of the selection process will enter into the Principal Candidate Pool and be eligible to interview for school-specific principal openings. Although there is not a guarantee of obtaining a principal role, individuals in the Principal Candidate Pool will be the only candidates considered for 2021-2022 principal positions.

For questions or additional information email