Campuses looking for passionate teachers

The 80 high priority campuses across the district are looking for outstanding teachers who are passionate about their profession and whose heart lies with helping students succeed no matter what. Teachers, instructional coaches, counselors and media specialists who are eligible and interested in working in one of these campuses can participate in a virtual high priority job fair via Brazen that will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 9.

To sign up for the March 9 job fair, click here.

Then, they can take advantage of the district’s open transfer period for high priority campuses that started last week and continues through April 23. For eligibility requirements, go here.

Open transfer process

Each year, Dallas ISD teachers, instructional coaches, counselors and media specialists who meet certain guidelines can accept a position at another campus for the following school year during the open transfer period.

Eligible employees must apply online using their EAD login at using the Current Dallas ISD Employee link. Employees who do not apply will not be eligible to participate.

Working at a high priority campus has benefits beyond making a difference. Eligible teachers serving at high priority campuses in the 2021-2022 school year will:

  • Earn additional DTR points on the TEI Scorecard, replacing the existing Tier I process.
  • Earn additional stipends. Proposed stipend amounts are shown in the chart below.

PROPOSED 2021-22 High Priority Campus stipend amounts are below.  More information about stipend eligibility can be found here.

Effectiveness Level OR Teacher Incentive Allotment Designation High Priority Campus (HPC)


Progressing I, II

Proficient I

Proficient II Recognized $4,000
Proficient III Exemplary $6,000
Exemplary I, II


Master $8,000




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