Meet the Core 4 Champions: Melita Carlton

Melita Carlton has worked for Dallas ISD for 19 years and is a supervisor in the Dyslexia Services Department.  

What attracted you to education?

During my graduate studies in 2004, a trusted classmate gave me a heartfelt compliment, suggesting that I had a natural aptitude for teaching and should consider pursuing a career in education. This encouragement planted the seed for my journey as a Special Education teacher. Over the years, although my professional role has changed within our organization, my love for working with students and families has remained constant. I am continually inspired by the opportunity to make a positive impact on students’ lives, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. Furthermore, the collaborative environment with colleagues and the chance to contribute to a supportive community fuels my dedication to the profession to this very day!

What do you do for the district and how long have you been doing it?

I currently serve as one of the four Dyslexia Services supervisors, collaborating to support 191 dyslexia interventionists across the district. Together, we ensure that students receive the necessary Dyslexia Services and resources to thrive academically. My journey with Dyslexia Services began in March 2010 as a lead dyslexia evaluator. I advanced to the role of dyslexia coordinator in December 2016 and was promoted to dyslexia supervisor in November 2018. Throughout these roles, I have dedicated myself to enhancing the support system for students with dyslexia, fostering both their educational success and the success of our staff. 

Why do you think the district’s culture tenets are important? 

The district’s culture tenets are essential as they define the standards for our organization. Intentionally leading daily with a Fast, Friendly, Flexible, and Focused approach helps to ensure positive behaviors, attitudes, and interactions within our organization occur authentically. These tenets are crucial for creating an overall positive work environment, influencing every aspect of our day-to-day responsibilities, regardless of one’s role in the district.  

Is there a time when one of the Core 4 tenets made a difference for you or someone else?

Yes, there was a time when Flexible made a significant difference for a campus and students in need of Dyslexia services. In my current role, I ensure students receive their dyslexia programming services. When campuses have a vacancy, to prevent disruption to student services, we temporarily assign another dyslexia interventionist to assist until the position is filled. This flexibility greatly supports student success with no delay to their academic interventions.

What is your go-to Core 4 tenet and why?

Honestly, it’s hard for me to choose a single tenet because, depending on the situation, being Fast, Friendly, Flexible, or Focused could each be the most relevant. However, for the sake of the question, I will choose Friendly as my go-to tenet. Being friendly is an authentic quality that aligns with my personality. A friendly atmosphere promotes mutual respect and collaboration among students, staff, and parents. In my opinion, we can accomplish much more if we maintain a friendly and welcoming tone and demeanor throughout our day-to-day interactions.

Is there something your coworkers would be surprised to know about you?

My coworkers might be surprised to know that I am the unofficial photographer at family and friend events. I enjoy using my mobile phone to capture both candid and group photos, even if the host hasn’t asked me to. Often, my friends and family are busy managing the event and interacting with guests, so while it’s not expected, they know they can rely on me to capture memorable moments and share the images with them.

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