How teamwork saved a life

It was a typical early morning at Dallas ISD’s Transportation Services depot. It was around 6 a.m. and everyone was preparing to start their routes, when James Jamison, a dedicated school bus driver, experienced a life-threatening heart attack. He was getting on his bus with his morning coffee when he suddenly felt ill and collapsed to the ground. The display of teamwork, quick thinking, and determination that followed saved his life.

Eboni Ellis was the first to notice Jamison collapse, she said. Without hesitation, she rushed towards him and immediately called dispatch to report the emergency. Tam Del Bosque, who was working in dispatch at the time, quickly dialed 911, providing the paramedics with a detailed description of the situation. Trained as a medical assistant, Del Bosque was able to relay crucial information effectively. She also grabbed the Automated External Defibrillator and rushed outside in case it was needed

“We are one big family, an atypical family, but we are a family. Everybody did their part when it mattered most,” Del Bosque said. With six years in the district and a lifetime of experience driving school buses, Del Bosque’s quick actions exemplified her deep commitment to her colleagues.

As Ellis knelt beside Jamison, Regina Jackson witnessed the scene and quickly joined to help. Jackson, a certified nurse aide for over 26 years, asked Ellis if she knew CPR. When Ellis indicated she did not, Jackson immediately began administering chest compressions. Normally out on her route at that time, Jackson had been waiting for a call from a parent, which happened to put her in the right place at the right time. 

“I was praying and asking God for strength to keep going and provide CPR to him and save his life,” Jackson said. Despite feeling exhausted and dizzy from the prolonged effort, she continued the lifesaving compressions.

Every moment felt agonizingly long for the team as they fought to save Jamison’s life. 

When Bibi Jordan, another bus driver, saw the commotion, she rushed over to help. Jordan had recently renewed her CPR certification and was ready to step in. She and Jackson took turns performing CPR for about eight to 10 minutes, ensuring that Jamison received uninterrupted care. 

“I am glad I was trained and able to keep a cool head,” Jordan said. “As I was giving CPR, I was praying and calling Jesus.”

Applying CPR for the first time, Jackson and Jordan fearlessly utilized their knowledge to save the life of one of their teammates. 

Jackson also administered a sternal rub to assess if Jamison would respond while the rest of the team continued with compressions. Despite their exhaustion, the team worked together seamlessly until the ambulance arrived.

Jamison was quickly taken to the hospital by paramedics, where he received the necessary medical attention. Thanks to the quick actions of his colleagues, he is making progress towards recovery and is getting ready to resume his job working with Dallas ISD students. 

Their combined efforts and quick actions ultimately saved his life, which, everyone agreed, highlights the extraordinary commitment and unity among the Dallas ISD transportation department team members. They also agreed that the event not only emphasized the importance of CPR training but also the profound impact of teamwork in times of crisis.


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