Central Core 4 Champions

Dallas ISD team members are guided by a culture rooted in four culture tenets—friendly, fast, focused, flexible. These culture tenets ensure that all team members work collaboratively with each other and with all other stakeholders for the success of students. While all team members embrace this culture on different levels, some are champions of the Core 4. 

This quarter, four of these champions in central administration will be recognized for their exemplary work in one of each of the four tenets. The recognition includes a gift bag with Core 4 memorabilia and use of the Core 4 Champion parking spot at the Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building. Meet the winners. 



Dane Beasley

Performance Management

Dane Beasley always provides fast service whether it be by email, phone, or other means. He normally responds the same day, and if not the same day, by the next morning. He efficiently and effectively accesses and analyzes policy, data and all other relevant information to provide accurate and timely responses to all stakeholders. He manages time effectively and prioritizes tasks efficiently to maintain the fastest possible service. He adjusts well as needed when unforeseen circumstances arise and communicates any possible delays due to those circumstances. He manages emails to teachers, leaders, and others to ensure they are aware of Cornerstone and other task deadlines, procedures, and information.

He responds to TEI emails promptly and professionally. He receives regular requests for complicated data analysis that he promptly and accurately provides to stakeholders, including TEI, DTR. If the dashboard or other program is not functioning properly, he takes swift action to resolve it himself or collaborate with others to fix the issue and meet deadlines and provide resources to stakeholders. For example, he has created complex Power Queries to quickly analyze and sort data to provide administrators fast and reliable data regarding teacher evaluations and other data needs. He provides the TEI calendar and other resources quickly and ensures they are available on the district website. His work is essential and the fast support he provides to all stakeholders is a valuable asset to Dallas ISD. He exemplifies all 4 core values, and fast is one of his most outstanding qualities.



Bernard Johnson

Dallas Police Department

Sgt. Bernard Johnson is responsible for sector six with over 25 direct reports and schools he is to respond to daily. Johnson responds quickly to his troops, principals, school employees, parents and the communities that he serves. He always greets people and students he serves with professionalism and a smile. He is willing to take on any task. His hard work, dedication and willingness to give assistance to all who need it makes him a great example of the flexible tenet. Johnson has daily offense reports he has to review daily to complete an arrest or other assistance that might be needed. He responds to his schools and staff daily to assist and to ensure services are rendered.



Melita Carlton

Dyslexia Department

Melita Carlton serves as one of the four Dyslexia Services Supervisors, collaborating to support 191 Dyslexia Interventionists across the district. Melita always responds to my messages within a 24-hour period. If she doesn’t have an answer or a free moment to speak with me, she will respond with a message letting me know she will get me a response soon or call me in a free moment. In addition, she always refers to our policies with equitable responses.



Lupita “Lu” Guerra

School Leadership 

Lupita “Lu” Guerra is always one phone call or email away. Whenever I need something, I can always count on her to be prompt in her response and go above and beyond to ensure that I have a resolution. Most of the time, she responds on the same day, but always within 24 hours. She is the absolute best! Every interaction with her is a positive one. When I didn’t have an office manager, she provided support the entire time and each time she was patient and understanding. Once I hired an office manager, she came to the campus and met with her via Teams to provide support. She is the absolute best!

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