Bond program

The Dallas ISD 2020 Bond plays a crucial role in ensuring that district facilities are optimized to support and enhance student achievement. Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, various important initiatives have helped enhance educational environments districtwide.

“Reflecting on this school year, I’m incredibly proud of the unwavering dedication and hard work our team has demonstrated in advancing Dallas ISD’s 2020 Bond Program,” said Chief Construction Officer Brent Alfred.

The 2023-2024 bond funded 242 projects:

  • 78 new project designs
  • 47 new constructions
  • 42 project closures 
  • 28 new proposals
  • 24 facilities were completed
  • 4 were substantially completed
  • 19 projects in pre-design stages

Over half of the bond funds have been allocated towards construction, renovation, and modernization of various facilities. About one quarter of the funds have been allocated for connectivity and security upgrades. 

During the fall of 2023, Dallas ISD had several ground breaking ceremonies: 

  • Herbert Marcus Leadership Academy
  • George Peabody Elementary School 
  • Everette L. Degolyer Elementary School
  • Henry W. Longfellow Career Exploration Academy 
  • Hall Personalized Learning Academy 
  • Tom C. Gooch Elementary School 
  • Judge Louis A. Bedford Jr. Law Academy 
  • John Q. Adams Elementary School 
  • Charles A. Gill Elementary School 
  • Herbert Marcus Leadership Academy 
  • Thomas Jefferson High School

As bond projects continue, the focus remains on supporting the district’s educational goals through strategic investments in facilities and infrastructure. According to bond program leaders, through efficient resource management and a strong focus on quality and sustainability, the district is fully committed to creating academic environments that promote student success. 

“As we look ahead to the upcoming year, we are committed to maintaining this momentum and delivering new projects with the same level of excellence and zeal,” said Alfred. 

To learn more about the ongoing projects and future plans, you can visit the bond program website. Approximately 16 new facilities are included in the upcoming plan.

“Our goal is to ensure every school in our district benefits from bold, innovative, and generational facilities,” Alfred said. “The Construction Services and Bond Office departments will continue to build BIG for Dallas ISD.”

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