This is Home: Former student athlete comes full circle

When Frederick White was a student athlete at Hillcrest High School in the ’80s, he never imagined he would someday be in a role to support the future student athletes of the district. 

White, grounds and athletic fields supervisor, has worked for the district for 18 years, overseeing iconic Dallas ISD stadiums such as Alfred J. Loos Sports Complex, Wilmer-Hutchins Eagle Stadium, Forrester Athletic Complex, Pleasant Grove Stadium and many others.

White said his position is tied to his roots, as a former student athlete, and described himself as a proud 1982 Hillcrest graduate.

“I really see what it is that the student athletes need to be successful,” White said. “I make sure the facility is safe and clean and that they have all the advantages that I didn’t have. I take a lot of pride in what I do.”

Currently, White is the athletic grounds supervisor for stadiums and swimming pools, and oversees a total of 15 locations. 

From field days to UIL sporting events and graduations, White said he crosses paths with students one way or the other. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the location for which he is responsible. 

White’s work has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues. This semester, he was awarded the Shining Star Award by the Maintenance and Facility Services Department. White received the award for his “outstanding contributions, especially in the success of the October MFS Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-A-Thon, and showcasing  his unwavering commitment and proactive approach. His love for sports and genuine joy in interacting with students make him a valuable member of the Dallas ISD family. His positive impact is felt not only in special events like the Walk-A-Thon but also in the continuous support he provides to schools and students,” the department’s newsletter read. 

White and his team stay busy year-round but describe this graduation season as an exciting time for them. To prepare, he meets with his team to discuss the game plan and make sure that they support student success during graduation. White said they collaborate and work with different team members in the district.

“It really touches my heart to see the kids I have seen from grade school to graduation,” White said. In fact, the students he knew from his previous role with the district as a custodian and girls basketball coach at Mark Twain School for the Talented and Gifted, have all graduated. 

“I got a chance to see them go through elementary, middle school through high school and finally to graduation,” he said. “I’ve seen their siblings graduate and have had the opportunity to run into my former students. It’s brought me so much joy to see a lot of them flourishing.” 

“You know how some people feel that they’re called for doing certain things? I truly feel that I’m being called to do what I do. Even though it is a job and I get paid to do it, I feel this is my calling,” he said.

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