Make it a learning summer

Campus team members are required to complete 14 hours of professional development, and Professional and Digital Learning is offering the opportunity for them to do it during the summer.

Teachers, librarians, nurses, and reset coordinators who choose to attend the full 14 hours of identified training in June and/or July will have the opportunity to flex their work days on Oct. 14 and Feb. 17. 

This summer, Professional and Digital Learning will introduce a variety of learning avenues, including a flexible learning model and optional sessions that are aligned to the professional learning domain of the Teacher Excellence Initiative. 

The flex day model comprises a comprehensive two-day learning series totaling 14 hours. These sessions are designed to assist educators in:

  • delving deeper into the Tier I curriculum
  • exploring effective scaffolding techniques integrated within the curriculum to enhance student success
  • understanding the significance of writing and its pivotal role in fostering critical thinking and communication skills
  • incorporating experiential learning activities to support cognitive development

Team members who choose not to take advantage of the summer learning opportunities will be required to attend professional learning at their campus on Oct. 14 and Feb. 17.

For more details and registration information, please visit the Professional & Digital Learning website at For questions regarding Summer Professional Learning, email the Professional & Digital Learning department at

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