Safe file sharing and storage

In today’s digital era, protecting your files is essential; however, cyberspace comes with certain risks. No need to worry, as we have gathered expert advice to help you safely navigate the world of file sharing and storage. Whether it’s avoiding suspicious emails or becoming a pro at file permissions, we have all the information you need. Thanks to cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive and Google Drive, Dallas ISD team members can easily collaborate and ensure the security of their data. Before you click that send button or save to your device, make sure you’re familiar with these crucial practices.

  • Be wary of unsolicited emails from unfamiliar users and email addresses that contain potentially malicious attachments and URLs.
  • Review file permissions (read-only or editor) before sharing with other users. Only grant the minimum required permissions necessary.
  • District employees have access to OneDrive and Google Drive for cloud storage. Share files with Dallas ISD colleagues using links from these cloud storage locations instead of adding them as local attachments.
  • Be thoughtful about where you store sensitive information and who has access to those files.

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