Dallas ISD takes proactive measures to manage budget

Dallas ISD is taking proactive measures in building its 2024-2025 budget allotment, prioritizing people and student support in decision-making despite no additional state funding.


Currently, the district receives a basic allotment of $5,800 per student from the state. With inflation and no new money, this continues to stress the district’s budget. 


“Money will never be an excuse in Dallas ISD in terms of providing our students a safe, quality education,” said Dallas ISD Superintendent Stephanie S. Elizalde, Ed.D. 


Nonetheless, the district is actively taking steps to minimize disruptions to the learning environment. 


“If a health pathway is available at a Career Institute serving six comprehensive high schools, it’s redundant to maintain individual health pathways at each school,” Elizalde said. “We’ll equip and fund the Career Institute with high quality and up-to-date equipment instead of poorly funding 22 comprehensive high schools.” 


The superintendent does expect a few positions to be eliminated, and is also exploring options, such as leveraging existing vacancies within the system. While some program-specific roles may shift, retaining team members remains a primary focus.


This year, Dallas ISD began budget planning earlier, and held five community budget meetings along with two budget workshops.


The final budget will be presented to the board in May.

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