Teaching with impact and innovation

For 16 years, Armina Wrice has been an important member of Dallas ISD, influencing future generations since relocating from the Philippines in 2008 to pursue her passion in education by becoming a teacher. 

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Wrice participates in other activities and clubs within the district. As a coach of the TMSCA since 2016, she has led Henry W. Longfellow Career Exploration Academy students to consistent success, qualifying in state championships under her guidance. 

“I really like to impart knowledge about math and real life,” Wrice said. 

Wrice lives by the mantra “The only permanent thing in this world is change,” a philosophy that drives her to constantly seek new ways to engage and inspire her students. Recently, Wrice was honored with the Dallas Retired Teachers Association Award, a recognition that came as a surprise. 

“The first time I ever heard of this award was very recently when my principal announced it,” she said. “I saw it as an opportunity to grant my students a new experience.”

Wrice’s inspiration stemmed from a desire to introduce her students to pen tablets, revolutionizing the way they interact with math assignments.

 “I wanted them to experience the ease of use and creative possibilities,” she said.

Thanks to the award funds, Wrice was able to purchase a class set of 30 pen tablets, which has increased innovation and creativity in her classroom. 

“It’s a dream come true, personally,” she said. “And professionally, it reaffirmed my belief that if there’s anything else I want to pursue for the benefit of the children, there will always be support out there.”

Wrice is thankful for the support of her principal, Michael Tatum, whose encouragement and guidance were essential in her journey to receiving the award. Wrice is so pleased with what she has been able to do with the award, she encourages her fellow educators to apply for grants. 

“Anyone else who would like to make some of their dreams come true should consider applying for awards like this,” she said. “The delight in the eyes of a child when they see how we make things more interesting and equitable for them is priceless.”

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