Meet the Core 4 Champions: Brandon Harper

Brandon Harper has been in education for 17 years—14 as a classroom teacher and three as a coordinator.

What attracted you to education? 

My journey into education began with the strong influence of close friends and relatives who were educators. Their stories and classroom experiences always fascinated me. Eventually, I made the decision to pursue teaching, even though I wasn’t sure where it would take me. Over time, I found success in teaching my content area and building rapport with my students. Witnessing their growth and success became my driving force. Like many of us, I am also a parent. I strive to be the kind of educator I would want for my own children. I am committed to passing on my knowledge, investing my time and attention, and dedicating myself to education to benefit the next generation.

Why do you think the district’s culture tenets are important? 

In simple terms, the core tenets are like the district’s compass, guiding how things are done and why. They’re all about sparking new ideas, making sure everyone feels welcome, working together, and never giving up on giving kids the best education possible.

Is there a time when one of the Core 4 tenets made a difference for you or someone else? 

Absolutely, there have been countless times when the core tenets of Dallas ISD, particularly flexibility, have made a significant difference. One instance that stands out is when unexpected circumstances arose during a project deadline. Instead of panicking, I remembered the importance of flexibility and adapted our approach to meet the challenge head-on. By embracing a flexible mindset, we were able to pivot our strategies and still achieve our goals effectively. In life, change is inevitable, and being flexible is not just a Dallas ISD core tenet; it’s a life lesson. It’s about being resilient, adaptable, and open to new possibilities. Like a tree bending in the wind but not breaking, flexibility allows us to navigate through life’s twists and turns while staying rooted in our values and goals. As educators, it’s crucial never to lose sight of the impact we have on students, the community, and society as a whole. Our ability to adapt and remain flexible directly influences the quality of education we provide and the future success of our students. So, while techniques and practices may evolve over time, the core value of flexibility remains constant, guiding us through the ever-changing landscape of education.

Is there something your coworker would be surprised to know about you? 

My coworker might be surprised to find out that I’m a passionate DIY enthusiast when it comes to construction and home improvements. While I’m dedicated to my work during office hours, I also love rolling up my sleeves and tackling various projects around the house during my free time. From building custom furniture pieces to renovating rooms, I find joy in the hands-on process of enhancing my living space. It’s a hobby that allows me to unleash my creativity and problem-solving skills in a completely different setting outside of the workplace.



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