Dallas ISD retains more teachers

While teacher turnover increased from 2021-2022 to 2022-2023 across the state, new data from the Texas Education Agency shows that Dallas ISD retained more teachers than similar urban districts, those in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and those across Texas.

Each year, via Texas Academic Performance Reports, TEA publishes data on teacher turnover that gives districts a consistent method to benchmark turnover against peers across the state.

“We begin projecting turnover early each fall, but when we received the data over the winter break, we saw that for the first time, the Dallas ISD teacher retention rate was higher than the state and Region 10,” said Human Capital Management Chief Robert Abel. “The data is clear: Dallas ISD is retaining more teachers and at higher rates than comparable districts.”

Of those teachers, TEI data shows that the district continues to retain our most effective teachers at a rate above 90% annually, Abel said.

Abel attributes the lower attrition rate to the district’s comprehensive retention strategy that pairs market-leading compensation under TEI with wrap-around teacher development opportunities and supportive campus leaders that balance high expectations with opportunities for success.

“It’s a whole philosophy of supporting teachers and making sure they have everything they need to help their students succeed,” he said. 

For early career teachers, Dallas ISD’s teacher mentor program has more than doubled the number of teacher mentors to more than 950 this school year, and the program provides targeted support to accelerate professional growth of those new to the district, he said. 

“Dallas ISD is a great place to work that offers a career ladder with leadership opportunities in a variety of roles as well as leadership development within the teacher role,” Abel said.


Comparative Teacher Turnover by District in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023


Source: TEA

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