Central Core 4 Champions

Dallas ISD team members are guided by a culture rooted in four tenets—friendly, fast, focused, flexible. These culture tenets ensure that all team members work collaboratively with each other and with all other stakeholders for the success of students. While all team members embrace this culture on different levels, some are champions of the Core 4. This quarter, four of these champions in central administration will be recognized for their exemplary work in one of each of the four tenets. The champions were chosen by a committee from a list of candidates submitted by schools and departments. The recognition includes a gift bag with Core 4 memorabilia and use of the Core 4 Champion parking spot at the Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building. Meet the winners.



Stephanie Espinoza

Accounts Payable

Stephanie is so kind and helpful. She provided information and resources from her department that I’ve never before received in the way she shared it. It was all in one place, well organized, clear and concise. The effort to be of service was evident in her approach and communication. Not only that, she also opted not to delay our request by rejecting an item missing information. Rather, she gave very clear notes on what was missing, instructions to access it and allowed me to send her the information directly. This allowed me to submit the missing item, which she had access to attach, without having to start all the way over on approvals. To receive this kind of service is not only appreciated, it’s made me strive to provide the exact same service to those I work with. It’s inspiring and refreshing.



Brandon Harper

Career and Technical Education

In the Dallas ISD, the embodiment of our commitment to responsiveness, accuracy, and accountability is personified in individuals such as Brandon Harper. Regardless of the urgency of requests, Brandon consistently delivers exceptional work. In his capacity as the coordinator for special projects, he supports 12 coordinators, two managers, and a director, undertaking responsibilities that include creating social media content, marketing collaterals, event promotions, and data reports, oftentimes at the last hour. Brandon executes these tasks with unwavering fidelity and urgency, delving deep into data, policies, and relevant information sources to ensure the precision of his work.

Brandon’s notable synchronization of time with task importance is evident in his prompt responses to requests from all stakeholders. His proactive problem-solving approach and adaptability to unforeseen circumstances highlight a commitment to fostering equitable outcomes.

In every interaction, Brandon not only demonstrates intentionality and urgency but also underscores his dedication to the values of responsiveness, accuracy, and accountability within the Dallas ISD. His proactive stance in seeking solutions and anticipating potential issues reflects a commitment to excellence that permeates every facet of his role.



Tabatha Sustaita-Robb

Library & Media Services

Tabatha is the library services coordinator. She is strategically-minded, intentional, and focused on supporting the district’s goals through the services the department offers. Tabatha has supported the updates in the district-library evaluation, planned and led effective professional development for librarians, and even supported students directly last year when she served as a substitute teacher at H. Grady Spruce High School. She is a team player who moved her way up from a librarian at Thomas Edison Middle School and Dallas Environmental Science Academy to library coordinator. She has supported the Alternative Certification Program by conducting training sessions for their evening cohort. She runs the department Twitter account (now known as X) with almost 4,000 followers and ensures the department always finds ways to collaborate with other groups for maximum impact. 



Lacey Kalina

Devan Trussell

Academic Services Curriculum Videographers 

The videographers demonstrate flexibility in their approach, acknowledging the challenges of attending all requested shoots due to the high volume of demands. However, they also provide alternatives such as creating final products from footage shared by the requester, revisiting existing footage to meet specific needs, and offering guidance on capturing footage or using video editing software to empower others in the process.


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