Navigating parking at 9400

Whether team members work at the Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building or visit from other district locations, parking can sometimes be a challenge. But making sure to remember the district’s culture tenets of the Core 4 by being flexible and friendly can lead to a positive experience for all. 

While some lots and levels may fill quicker than others, it’s important to follow all parking guidelines and to be patient.  

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Dallas ISD team members are prohibited from parking in visitor spaces, which allows students, families, and guests easy access to the building.
  • Four main areas for Dallas ISD employees to park include the west, east, and north garages. 
  • All garages, except the north, require an access card to enter for those based at 9400. The lower east garage is reserved.
  • Team members who have forgotten their access card may use the call button to enter general employee garages.
  • Double parking is not permitted. This includes blocking other cars in and occupying more than one parking space at a time by straddling the lines. Those who do not follow this guideline may receive additional action from the district.
  • Compact car parking spaces are designated only for small vehicles that can easily move in and out of the spot without blocking others on either side or taking up two spaces.
  • Team members are not allowed to park at Dave & Buster’s under any circumstance. Employees who are observed using that lot risk being towed.

Please remember, being courteous and considerate is part of the Core 4 culture and will help everyone have a more positive parking experience. For additional questions or information, please contact Scherry Byrd at

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