Celebrating a Core 4 culture

Are you focused, fast, flexible, and friendly in your interactions with colleagues, students and the public? If so, you are already embracing good customer service practices, which this week are being recognized during National Customer Service Week. 

The Core 4—the district’s culture tenets—are rooted in practices that exemplify the best customer service. Keeping each one of these tenets at the forefront of everything we do helps us keep focus on being a premier district in Texas and in the nation. 

Focused – We Transform Student Lives. These are the team members that make decisions that are intentional and grounded in the needs of students and equity groups, and who are great at consistently and effectively implementing the necessary support to ensure the social, emotional and academic needs of students, families, and equity groups are met.  

Fast – Urgency for All. These are the team members who return and deliver messages within 24 hours during normal business hours, and are wonderful at consistently responding in a timely manner to requests between students, families, and team members.

Flexible–We Strive for the Yes. These are our team members  who do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our students, families and team members. They eliminate barriers and embrace innovative problem-solving.

Friendly–Make Memorable Moments. These are the team members who build respectful relationships that are grounded in communication, and embrace the positive and expect the best of each other. 

Recognizing those who best exemplify these tenets if part of the Core 4 experience. If your department or school has been recognizing every month those who go above and beyond to be Core 4, keep an eye out for a way to submit their names for a quarterly recognition. 


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