Spring Xerox updates

The new season is bringing everyone warmer weather, fresh air and an opportunity for spring cleaning. Dallas ISD’s Graphics Department shared the best tips on how to care for your Xerox devices, so be sure to check in with your campus or department’s copy machines this week. 

Declutter your device

Please allow 12 inches of space around your machine, especially in paper output areas. These trays lower and lift as they catch paper, and obstructions near these trays will prevent the finishers from lowering properly and will result in jamming and damages.

Move/relocation requests

Dallas ISD is prohibited from relocating any Xerox device. A machine relocation is to be requested by completing the Xerox Move Request Form and emailing it to DRCOMBS@dallasisd.org or GRAPHICSINFO@dallasisd.org

24/7 power on

All Xerox devices should remain powered ON 24/7 and connected to the Dallas ISD network. For technical support, meter reads and auto-replenishment to function most efficiently, these devices must always remain powered on.


The auto-replenishment feature on the Xerox devices is temporarily set to replenish your device at 50 percent toner levels. If you are expecting a large print, heavy ink coverage or lots of print traffic, please place a manual order with Xerox Supplies by emailing your toner request and serial number to XBSSW-SATXSM@xerox.com. If there is an emergency or your are unable to print, email Drew Combs, print fleet coordinator, at DRCOMBS@dallasisd.org

Copier team updates

The Dallas ISD Graphics Department welcomes Drew Combs as the new print fleet coordinator. Combs brings with him several years of print fleet management experience, extensive knowledge of cyber security and cyber threats, as well as some MFP technical experience. 

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