Striving for the yes in Dallas ISD’s Service Centers

In Dallas ISD, there is a place where salvageable and reusable furniture and other compatible assets await a second life anywhere in the district or go for recycling. And Orbelin Rodríguez is one of the team members who manages these items. 

Kiest Warehouse, located at 3616 E. Kiest Blvd., oversees the removal and disposal of unusable items from district properties. Capital asset items such as computers, printers and other technical equipment are sold to a recycle vendor, and the money is placed in the district’s general funds.

The efficient flow of the center’s objectives is due to the great team members employed at the Kiest Warehouse, but “Obie,” as the warehouse team affectionately calls him, goes one step beyond to serve their customers. 

Maria C. Esparza, Service Centers team member, said his flexibility in meeting the department’s needs and adapting to a unique environment are impressive. She said he steps up to deliver small and high demand items to their customers upon request. He is a pleasure to be around and has the best response to any compliments people give him or to anyone who tells him thank you: He says, “No problem.”

“We are not only fortunate to have Orbelin as an exceptional employee with the district, but we also have someone who models outstanding customer service for us all,” Esparza said.

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