New dashboard brings clarity

Schools and departments now have an easier way to track active expenditures, the expiration of formal bids and contracts and the available funds thanks to a new Procurement Services dashboard.

The dashboard filters information by vendor, bid number, board document, buyer, department and other categories. It also lets users know the amount allowed by the board document, the amount that has been spent to date, and the funds that remain available.

“This provides a more transparent and easier view that we needed in the district,” said Kris Robinson, executive director of Procurement Services.

For example, if a department is planning a large purchase in the Awards and Promotional Items category, they can check to see the funds available under the board document for the districtwide use of the vendors who offer those services, he said. This allows departments and schools to plan and to contact Procurement Services for help and guidance with their purchase.

“Our goal is to increase clarity and collaboration and ensure that departments and schools can get what they need,” Robinson said. “Proper planning is our friend.”

The dashboard can be found by visiting the Procurement Services website and signing into the Staff Forms section and clicking on the link to the dashboard.

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