Apply for a TEXAS YES grant

Dallas ISD administrators, teachers, faculty and staff are invited to apply for the two TEXAS YES grants available to support students across all grade levels this school year. 

TEXAS YES is an educational nonprofit committed to closing the gap for educational equality by providing schools in San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Corpus Christi and Austin with resources and supplies. 

Applicants must apply for a grant by Sept. 30. The new TEXAS STEAM Grant—presented by Thomas J. Henry—will focus on STEAM education, while the 2022-2023 YES Grant will focus on updating school equipment such as library books, computer labs and physical education equipment. 

Once the application window closes, TEXAS YES will review the applications and announce the grant recipients the week of Oct. 11. Please note that applicants may only receive one grant per year. 

Apply for the Texas STEAM Grant or the 2022-2023 YES Grant today. For more information about the grants and what to expect during the application process, visit

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