Dallas ISD campuses to participate in Holdsworth Campus Leadership Program

Dallas ISD has partnered with The Holdsworth Center to build on the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to grow leaders. One aspect of this partnership is the Campus Leadership Program (CLP) a two-year program in which campus teams will build stronger leadership muscles while also working toward successful and equitable outcomes for all students. The curriculum will cover three main areas: developing personal leadership, growing and empowering others, and creating change.

During the two-year program, the participating campus staff will:

  • Learn from expert faculty and guest lecturers
  • Collaborate on a Problem of Practice that leads to results that impact students
  • Develop new problem-solving methodologies by practicing skills such as giving and receiving feedback, active listening, and analyzing data with an equity lens¬†¬†
  • Build a supportive network of peers from across the state

The Campus Leadership Program starts next year with 22 Dallas ISD campuses. Campuses were nominated by district leaders and submitted applications to be selected to participate. The campuses that will be part of the CLP next year are:

  • E.D. Walker Middle School
  • Solar Preparatory School for Girls
  • David G. Burnet Elementary School
  • Charles A. Gill Elementary School
  • Wilmer-Hutchins High School
  • Thomas Tolbert Elementary School
  • Boude Storey Middle School
  • San Jacinto Elementary School
  • North Lake Early College High School
  • Leila P. Cowart Elementary School
  • Sunset High School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Martin Weiss Elementary School
  • Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Middle School
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary School
  • Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School
  • Jimmie T. Brashear Elementary School
  • Herbert Marcus Leadership Academy
  • Arcadia Park Elementary School
  • Rosemont Lower School
  • Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School STEAM Academy
  • T.G. Terry Elementary School

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