A passion for making memorable moments

Ludivina “Ludy” Reyna’s passion for transforming students’ lives and making memorable moments began when she joined the district’s HIPPY program, which teaches mothers how to help their children prepare to start school.

“My love for helping people started then because I saw the great need parents had,” said Reyna, who has been with Translation Services for the past 16 years. “Families needed help and guidance, but sometimes, they were embarrassed to ask. I had to help mothers with forms when they weren’t even sure how to hold the pencil correctly. I helped them access resources, get school supplies.”

And in the 23 years Reyna has been with Dallas ISD in different positions, she has continued to help families and colleagues, being singled out many times for her excellent customer service. Most recently, she received praise for striving for the yes when as an interpreter and translator she helped a school nurse communicate important health information to a student’s family. Despite technical difficulties, she persevered until the nurse and family connected, and she could interpret for them.

“This is a well-deserved recognition even though for Ludy recognition is not the motivation,” said Ivette Cruz Weis, director of Translation Services. “She is a great leader and professional who does everything within her power to ensure that teachers and other staff have the language support they need to better serve the non-English-speaking parents in the district. We are fortunate to have her on our team.”

Reyna says that she doesn’t necessarily think about customer service, she just focuses on the needs she sees and how to serve all better.

“I think that when you are in a position like I am, you should always strive to help others and treat everyone with the same kindness and wisdom,” she said of being flexible and friendly—two of the district’s culture tenets. “Always put on your best face no matter how difficult a day you have had or what is going on. It’s that kindness that leads to parents feeling like they are part of the district. And, after all, we are here for them and for the students.”

Reyna is grateful for the recognition but says embracing the district’s Core 4 culture tenets is a normal, everyday thing she often sees whether it’s a nurse trying to reach a family or a teacher who does the impossible to make sure students are in class every day.

“I see this in the district all the time, and a lot of people go above and beyond because they have the passion to help students and others,” she said. “We are here to serve and to give the best of ourselves to help those who need us, whether it’s parents, colleagues or students.”



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