Healthy responses to stress

How do you talk about coping with stress with your family, friends, or coworkers? Stress is a reality of modern life but, according to John B. Arden, author of Rewire Your Brain, “rather than run away from stress and anxiety, you should learn to manage it. By managing it, you’ll promote a healthy, thriving brain that generates neuroplasticity.”

There are three types of stress, Toxic, Tolerable, and Positive. Triggers, such as a person, place, or situation, contribute to unwanted emotional, health, and behavioral responses. Identifying your triggers and practicing self-management or cool-down strategies will help you grow your coping and self-control toolbox and impact both your mental and physical health positively. The next time you feel stressed, try taking a short walk, drinking water, a quick breathing strategy, or writing in a gratitude journal. Learn more at

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