Increasing efforts to recruit the best

COVID has created a labor shortage across the nation and has affected hiring for key positions at Dallas ISD, both at the campus and central levels. To help mitigate the turnover and recruit the best candidates to fill these critical positions, Human Capital Management has two recruitment coordinators dedicated to work specifically with central departments.

These strategic recruitment efforts to address labor shortages and turnover as a result of COVID are part of one of the many activities funded through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund, or ESSER. There is increased demand for qualified personnel as a direct result of COVID and from the surrounding districts also adding central staff to support activities and programs that are accelerating learning to mitigate the effects of COVID.

“Additional positions and higher than usual turnover in almost all areas across the district due to the impact of COVID has amplified the need for more recruitment and staffing support,” said Chele Andreason, executive director of Staffing at HCM. “COVID has created a need to fill positions in central administration that support schools and student achievement. While recruitment of campus staff remains our first priority, we also need to focus on recruiting candidates for these key central positions so that we can continue to provide excellent support to schools.”

The central administration recruiters have already been hard at work promoting key openings to attract the best candidates. They are:

Jenae L. Parker 

A transplant by way of Columbus, Ohio, Jenae L. Parker has a dual undergraduate degree in human resources management and business administration from Franklin University. She has more than four years of recruitment and selection experience in higher education.




Josh Soto

A product of Dallas ISD, Josh Soto graduated from the district’s Talented and Gifted Magnet. He holds an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. He has worked in education and the nonprofit sector, where he is committed to helping recruit the best staff who will support student success.

The Beat will periodically highlight central administration openings.

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