Core 4 Tip: Listen to understand

In Dallas ISD, we embrace the positive and expect the best of each other, which can be achieved in part by seeking to understand others and making yourself understood. Summarizing—a critical listening skill—is key to achieving understanding.

It takes effort and skill to be a good listener—to seek to understand. Whether you are on the phone with a parent or with the head of a department, it’s always a good idea to avoid miscommunications by paraphrasing what the other person said to show you have understood. Then ask if you got that right. Even if you heard clearly what the other person said, that might not be what they meant.

Using these unique skills will help make memorable moments with staff, students, parents, and the community. Grounded in building respectful relationships through professional communication, the Friendly tenet of the Core 4 rubric encourages all to contribute to a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful working environment by seeking to understand the needs of others and making efforts to meet others’ needs without bias.


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