Cafeteria food changes

Due to the ongoing and severe disruptions in the food and non-food supply chains, Dallas ISD is implementing a program to reduce the use of flatware and related items in schools.

Effective Monday, Sept. 13:

  • Breakfasts served on Tuesdays and Thursdays at all school levels–except the “hot” breakfast at select high schools–will all be finger foods. No flatware will be offered to students, except for students with certain conditions and/or whose IEP/504 requires foods that require flatware to be consumed. As an example, schools will not serve cereal (which requires a spoon) on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • Lunches served on Tuesdays will all be finger foods, so not flatware will be available. For example, chicken tenders and baked fries do not require flatware to be eaten.
  • At all other times, students will be limited to a single set of flatware per meal.

If required due to supply chain issues, breakfasts may be served in “to go” bags in place of trays or plates. Lunches may be served on non-traditional plates or trays, as the supply situation dictates.

Dallas ISD is tirelessly working to explore every possible option to find and purchase paper goods and associated items. School districts across the nations are facing similar issues due to the supply chain issues.

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