Proposed minimum wage hike

Dallas ISD is proposing to raise the minimum district hourly wage from $12.12 to $13.50 per hour next year.

Employees in the positions that would be affected would receive an average increase of 10% with some employees receiving slightly less or more depending on individual specifics. The increase would affect about 7,300 employees, primarily in the Maintenance and Operations, Student Transportation, Food and Child Nutrition, Paraprofessional, Office Support, and Police and Security pay structures.

The district will continue to evaluate potential further increases to the Dallas ISD minimum wage in the future.

If the wage hike is approved as part of the proposed 2021–2022 budget, employees would see the increase reflected in their paychecks starting with their September 2021 paycheck effective to their 2021-2022 calendar start date.

The minimum wage increase is also included in the proposed District Improvement Plan that trustees discussed during the June 10 briefing.

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