Loyal companions in school and at home

During the difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas ISD staff gave a home to many pets and others discovered anew the companionship and comfort that dogs, cats and parakeets provide.


Meet Sunny and Skittles! These two parakeets are our class pets.  They are playful and funny, love to sing along to whatever is happening in music class, and they never fail to cheer up a sad or new student.
Laura Young, Leila P. Cowart ES

Mini came into our life during COVID lock down. My twin sister and I live together, and a former client contacted her and asked if we would foster a sweet dog. We thought “why not”? Mini has the best personality ever, and she was house-trained. Mini is always dressed to the max with a bow and matching collar.
Tina Compton, Martha Turner Reilly ES

This is Daisy, my spoiled Yorkie/Pomeranian grand puppy. Daisy is 4 years old and was a special addition to our family when my mother “Daisy” passed away.  Daisy loves to play and show off her many outfits.
Marilyn R. Jackson, Mental Health Services



My dogs, Rocco and Beau, make me happy because they are always excited to see me!
Matthew McCoy, W.E. Greiner MS 

This is my girl Lola. She is the Texas state dog, a Texas Blue Lacy dog. She has been my running partner for 9 years. She is the goodest girl.
Jessica Ludwig, Employee Benefits

I’m Crazy Cat Lady proud! Meet Frances Houseman (aka the Moustache) and Ellen Ripley, two orphans who made their way to us during the early pandemic last spring.  While neither has exactly taken on the characteristics of her movie namesake, they rule our roost and never, ever let anyone forget that they know where we keep the treats.
Suzy Smith, Human Capital Management


This is our little angel, Sophie! She is a 13-year-old poodle mix. We rescued her at 5 months from terrible conditions, including having her mouth taped. She has been such a joy to us. She is the most loving, kind, and loyal baby. Although she is older, she still runs around like a puppy, yet will lay around with you for hours. She has even assisted me in my after-hours counseling private practice. Pets are so good for mental health, especially during these difficult times with COVID.
Teresita Hernández Cross, Mental Health Services

Bluu is a spoiled, smart, sweet pit-bull. He is truly unaware that he is a dog, has plenty of energy and loves to eat. We have had Bluu since he was a month old, and now he is 7 months old and always eager to learn new tricks like hide and seek, which he loves to play with his best friend Cj, my son.
Aarika Fulson-Bonner, Gilbert Cuellar Senior ES

Bentley King is my daughter’s baby, but I call him Pup and my husband calls him Woof Woof. She bought him from a family in 2019 just before Christmas.  He is the family entertainment. Just like a baby, he has toys all around the house from the bedroom, living room, washroom, under the kitchen table, etc.  I’m always stepping on them at the worst times. His favorite activity is when we say go pup, go pup, go pup, go. He runs in circles around the kitchen to the office, to the living room and off my footrest in the living room that he knows it off limits, but he does it anyway. We love him and he is the king of the house.
Paula P. King, Sunset HS


My pets are Khaleesi, who was adopted here in Dallas in September as a birthday present to myself, and Sakura, who came from Mexico and was my family’s birthday present. They are the best company to have during the pandemic.
Stephany Cortes Rogel, Rosemont ES

Moose is my 2-year-old German Shepherd, and until I have a child of my own, I will spoil him like he is my son. He is goofy, obsessed with the strangest things in the house and has the best personality. I keep pictures of him around my room at school, and all the kids know him by his name. Their favorite thing to do is ask about Moose’s many shenanigans.
Becca Weber, William Lipscomb ES


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