Take the virtual tour

COVID-19 has preempted traditional open houses—a staple of the fall application window. But They are not impossible thanks to two events this month that offer virtual visits to get to know the choice elementary schools and special programs at neighborhood schools.

Choose Dallas ISD is holding a special event to feature special schools and programs at the elementary level at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, and another one to highlight the special programs at neighborhood schools at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12. Links to virtual tours of the schools that start at 11:30 both days will be distributed to participants.

Virtual open houses are not all that’s fully online this year. In previous years, the application forms varied depending on what programs the students applied for. The new application system is fully online and serves as a one-stop shop for exploring and enrolling students into a Dallas ISD campus. It allows parents to apply to up to five schools through a single online form.

“This year, it is all in one system for parents to see,” said Angie Gaylord, Dallas ISD deputy chief of transformation and innovation. “That’s about 20,000 applications that we get every year that are normally in multiple systems that are now going to be in one system for all parents to see.”

The new system is mobile-friendly and available in various languages. Parents can upload documents into the system, as opposed to having to bring documents to the school. A “Parent Dashboard” allows families to see the progress of their application.

Beginning on March 1, parents will receive emails or text messages notifying where the student was accepted. Parents will have 10 days to notify the schools if they will accept the seat.

To find and apply to the best-fit school, visit www.dallasisd.org/choosedallasisd. Parents who need assistance filling the application can call (972) 925-5560.

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