Procurement streamlined

Procurement Services is removing the blanket requirement for Assignments of Work, Customized Supplemental Services Agreement, and routing forms in an effort to continue to streamline the procurement process. The blanket requirement for these forms will be replaced with a quoting process that will include a Statement of Work for Awarded Suppliers checklist that end-users fill out and attach to requisitions when they are submitted for review and processing.

The new process will begin in late September after recent awards of services for district approved proposals. End users can go to the district’s Procurement website to obtain the awarded supplier’s contact information. The end-user will use the new Statement of Work checklist to determine what documents are needed. End-users who need help with this process can reach out to the assigned buyer based on the category codes listed on the procurement website.

Procurement will use the approval routing hierarchy, budgetary features, and document attachment elements contained within Oracle to replace the current process.  Documentation that needs execution should still be routed to Procurement Services via Docusign.

The Statement of Work checklist can be found on the Procurement Services website.

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