Tech hub offers support

As the daily use of technology by staff and students continues to expand, the Information Technology Division has implemented a new ticketing system to meet support needs. The new system is called Support Hub and is a one-stop shop for customer questions and new technology requests.

Once employees sign in to Support Hub with their EAD credentials, they will be able to create a ticket, explore a series of helpful downloadable articles, see system notifications, or make a request for technology.

The new system allows users to choose how they communicate with IT, while providing a single location to fulfill their technology needs. Within Support Hub, users can:

  1. Send an email to the Help Desk
  2. Connect via chat with a virtual support agent after hours or a live agent during work hours.
  3. Call the IT support help desk.

The system also can be accessed using the IOS or Android app on a mobile phone.

Staff can reach the new system at


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