Core 4 Tip: Practice good phone etiquette

By now, many of us have successfully transitioned home from a place of rest and relaxation at the end of a workday to our workplace. Our homes have been invaded by Zoom meetings, emails and work phone calls, which may make it easy to forget some of the skills that used to come so naturally in the office.

Phone etiquette is just one example. Maintaining a professional and friendly telephone demeanor, keeping an ongoing dialogue, asking appropriate questions, and responding appropriately to customers are important skills to remember when interacting with customers anytime, and especially from home.

Conducting business by telephone requires a different skill set than dealing with people face to face. Something as critical as listening becomes even more important. When customers can’t see you and you can’t see them, what you say and how you say it is key.

Remember they can’t see you, so verbalize what you are doing. Silence, to a customer, can mean different things: Are you still there? What are you doing? Answer the customers silent questions before they ask. For example: “I am reading the notes on my computer screen. It will be just a moment.” Now, the customer knows you are still there, and you are working on the request.

Remember, these days, your home is also where you work. Making these necessary adjustments will help you provide, and excellent customer experience each time you answer your phone

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