Stay fit from home

Social distancing and working from home has us sitting more than normal. Gyms are closed, but you can still have an amazing and challenging workout at home without equipment.

A favorite go-to exercise of Dimitrius Glenn, NCSF-CPT certified personal/athletic trainer, is bodyweight exercises. They are very effective for strength building and fitness.

The following body weight exercises should take no more than 30 minutes to complete at home, with a special focus on working your full body. Complete two to three rounds of every exercise spending one minute on each. Remember to rest briefly after each exercise and each round.

Ab In/Outs: Look up as you come up; bring knees to chest


Reverse Fly Cobra: Look at mat at all times; bring arms, shoulders and legs up at same time


Plyometric Pushup or any pushup variation: Gaze out in front of mat; hands outside of mat; push


Body weight Squat: Toes up; heels down; back straight; chest out; sit; legs 90 degrees as you sit


Squat Jumps: Sit; legs 90 degrees; touch ground if possible; jump; land in same way as started; repeat


Reverse Lunge: Take a big step back and keep back foot heel straight up toward ceiling; knees are behind toes on front leg; keep back straight; chin and neck neutral; *1 minute per leg*


This is an excellent workout routine you can do whenever you have 30 minutes to spare to get your body moving. Even though it can be done anywhere, there’s no place like home.

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