Coping with cabin fever while sheltering in place

Sheltering in place can be challenging, but coping with it isn’t impossible. As many of us enter our fifth week of staying safe at home, we might be feeling that restless, irritable, trapped, disconnected feeling that’s known as cabin fever.

If you’re somewhere on the spectrum of “did my spouse always breathe this loudly?” and “I’m about to shave my whole head if I can’t get a haircut,” you might need some cabin fever relief. Because self-isolation and social distancing is still the best way to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s more critical than ever to not let cabin fever jeopardize our health and that of our communities.

With those parameters in mind, here are some tips for surviving sheltering in place without succumbing to cabin fever.

Connect with nature

  • Open all of your windows
  • Invest in some houseplants
  • Immerse yourself in a nature documentary
  • Get some ambient noise going

Get your body moving

  • Download a fitness app
  • Take an online dance class
  • Do low-impact cardio exercise
  • Yoga, and more

Carve out some quiet time

  • Use noise canceling headphones or earplugs
  • Do nothing for 4 minutes

Re-decorate and/or rearrange your space

  • Prioritize spaciousness
  • Experiment with lighting
  • Declutter
  • Create a vision board

If all else fails, remember that cabin fever isn’t forever. And more importantly, it means that you’re taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and your community.

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