Get cash for unused local days

Thinking of retiring this year? Dallas ISD will pay you cash for your unused local days. The more days you have remaining when you retire, the higher your award.

Employees who notify Human Capital Management by entering their intent to retire date in Oracle Self-Service by March 1 can receive a flat daily rate of pay for any unused local days accrued by July 31.  The exact rate to be paid will be determined upon calculation of all the participants’ remaining local days (calculated by July 31) for the year. There is no cap to the number of local days paid. There is no time in service requirement.

Remember, retiring employees must enter their retirement date in Oracle Self-Service by March 1 to be eligible to receive the award.  Those who do not enter their separation date in Oracle Self-Service by the March 1, 2020 deadline will not be eligible for the award.

For additional questions, you may contact the HCM Benefits Department at (972) 925-4300.

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