Core 4 Tip: What you don’t say is what they hear

How you say something can often be more important than the words you choose. What you do when you convey a message is also important. You can choose the right words and use an appropriate tone but send an entirely different message than you intended through nonverbal communication.

Actions speak louder than words. You may have a great attitude and personality, but actions will leave a lasting impression on customers.  Always be aware of your body language to make sure you are sending the right nonverbal message.

Smile often. A smile is one of the most powerful messages you can send.  It translates in any language, across any culture and age group. When you smile more, your smile will become a natural part of your demeanor. Get in the habit of smiling often.

Make eye contact. This is one of the most important factors of communication, yet it can be a tough habit to get into. If you are uncomfortable making eye contact when you speak, first try getting into the habit of making eye contact when you listen. Build your confidence doing that and move on to making a conscious effort to look at the other person in the eye when you speak.

Keep your energy level steady. If you are that person who needs a second cup of coffee before you can be cordial to anyone, you are not alone. However, there’s a huge benefit in pushing past the energy lull, especially when you need to assist customers. Try it, and you’ll find that being pleasant is contagious.

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