Get ready for summer 2020

Similar to this past summer, central staff employees will work a four-day workweek, and the district will close on Fridays during a portion of the summer. Central office hours during the summer will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Monthly Employees

  • Employees paid monthly will work the four-day work week June 1 through July 31.
  • Monthly employees will resume their regular work hours on Aug. 3.

Biweekly Employees

  • Employees paid biweekly will work a four-day workweek June 5 through Aug. 6.
  • Biweekly employees will NOT work on June 5 if they participate in the four-day workweek.
  • Biweekly employees who participate in the four-day workweek will resume their regular hours on Aug. 7.

Supervisors may allow employees to work a schedule other than the four-day workweek as long as the change does not negatively affect the functions of the department. Employees are responsible for consulting with their supervisor to determine the start, end, and lunch times of their daily work schedule during the summer.

The district will be closed for summer break June 29 through July 3. Employees will not be permitted to work for pay while the district is closed unless the employee has received prior written approval from their department chief. All central staff employees will return to work on July 6.

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