Get positive with Core 4

Core 4 tip: Interacting Positively with Customers

Given a choice, most people would prefer to be around positive people who approach life and others in a friendly way. No one wants to work side by side with someone who is always negative, consistently bringing down the room, and clearly uninterested in being helpful. Don’t be that person.

Strive to establish rapport with colleagues and other customers and continue building a collaborative relationship by interacting with them in a positive manner. When you are positive and upbeat, people will respond similarly. Here are a few tips to consider.

Be helpful. Show your customers, including your colleagues, you are here to help them. Go the extra mile. Even if the question or request is not in your area, offering to find the best person to help, and following up to see if the customer’s needs were met is a key step in providing excellent customer service. Set a personal goal to help someone every day. You will feel better when you meet that goal, and it’s a great habit to start working on, today.

Be committed. People who are committed to their work and customers look for ways to make things better by anticipating the customers’ needs. It’s easier to do this by placing yourself in the customer’s shoes and considering what you would want if you were the customer. No matter your role, give your customers 110%.

Be a problem solver. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Look for answers instead of focusing on what’s wrong. People who focus on problems complain; people who focus on solutions find ways to make a difference.

Be credible. Customers appreciate nice employees, but they value knowledgeable employees. Learn as much as you can about your department.  If you need additional training, speak to your manager. Taking the time to find out what each area in your department does, is a great way to start.

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