Employees share why they support Dallas ISD’s United Way giving campaign

Dallas ISD’s United Way employee giving campaign is underway, and it’s a chance to support the many United Way programs that directly benefit district students and families.

Here are some thoughts from Dallas ISD employees on why they support the United Way employee giving campaign:

“I give to United Way because it has been such a big help to so many people. There have been children and teachers in my school who have received help from United Way.” — Alpher Garrett-Jones, principal of Charles Rice Learning Center

“I think the importance of giving to United Way is not measured by money or by a number, but it’s measured by the impact it has on somebody’s life.” — Raul Pena, executive director of Molina High School feeder pattern

“I feel like we are all connected together as a community and we do better as a whole if everybody is at their best. So, when somebody struggles, we all suffer, and it’s important to build everybody up and bring everybody together.” — Kristin Parr, GIS analyst

The Dallas ISD United Way employee giving campaign goal is $80,000. To learn how you can support the goal, contact your campus or department United Way coordinator, or visit the United Way webpage.

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