Dallas ISD teacher sees governor make his idea a reality

A Dallas ISD teacher saw his suggestion to Gov. Greg Abbott become a reality over the weekend.

Eric Hale, a teacher at Burnet Elementary, served on an education panel with Abbott late last year that focused on ways to attract and retain effective educators. At the meeting, Hale suggested that the State of Texas start an annual tradition where it recognizes the best teachers from across the state for going above and beyond in their efforts to help students.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 29, and Hale attended a special reception at the Governor’s Mansion honoring more than 100 outstanding teachers from across the state. And at the reception, Abbott publicly credited Hale with coming up with the idea for the event honoring outstanding Texas teachers.

“I couldn’t believe it, here was the governor telling this story to everyone about how this was my idea,” Hale said. “He came over to me and handed me the microphone, and I got to say a few words. It was a huge honor to get to represent Dallas ISD at the event.”

Hale said the governor plans to hold the teacher reception on an annual basis.

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