Participation in professional groups help enhance education

Shafarion Romashyn, a reading interventionist teacher at Anne Frank Elementary School, has been essential in shaping the future of education in Texas by participating in the committee for the development of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

Romashyn’s journey with Dallas ISD started eight years ago when she joined as a teacher. Throughout her career, she has acquired valuable teaching experience at different schools within the district, she said, with each experience contributing to her growth and understanding of the diverse needs of students. She said her dedication to her students and her belief in the power of education has been at the forefront of her teaching philosophy.

“I always wanted to become an educator as a child,” Romashyn said. “I was constantly teaching others and helping them learn academic skills.” 

Romashyn is actively involved in multiple committees, including The Educator Collective, a community that empowers educators through leadership development and professional growth. TEC organizes events and workshops to create connections among educators. As a member of the TEC community, this year Romashyn won the Teacher’s Choice Award.

“TEC is changing the way educators collaborate, and it is a game changer,” Romashyn said.

In addition to looking for opportunities to collaborate with other educators, last year Romashyn became a member of the STAAR test committee. Romashyn’s role in the STAAR test involved analyzing the field-test responses for a specific grade level or course and assigning scores or ratings. This has provided opportunities to engage in various assessment programs, such as the Pearson scoring test, where educators evaluate test scores across multiple assessments.  

Teacher participation in the STAAR test committee has a significant influence in the assessment of students, as they have firsthand understanding of students’ progress and evaluation through their daily work.

Romashyn’s mantra, “Growth over everything,” resonates in her work both inside and outside the classroom.

“So many times we look at data and goals and put a number to it. But if the number isn’t met then we think we have failed. But if you look at the overall growth it is always there.” she said.

Over the years, Romashyn has witnessed a significant change in the district’s approach to education with an increased focus on online learning and virtual teaching after COVID. This change has had a profound impact on how students are engaging in the classroom.

“Being a teacher is really rewarding, and the best part is seeing the growth of your students and knowing that you contributed to their success,” Romashyn said.

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