A fan favorite assistant principal

Kristin Gates—assistant principal at Seagoville Elementary School—has been shaping the academic and personal growth of countless students during two decades of service with Dallas ISD. 

Originally from El Paso, Gates ventured to Dallas after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from New Mexico State University. She discovered her passion for education when she had the opportunity to mentor freshmen during her final college semester. She  eventually joined the alternative certification program at Dallas ISD and held a job as a high school geometry teacher.

Throughout her career, Gates has received numerous recognitions, including being named Fan Favorite Elementary Assistant Principal during the recent Assistant Principal Appreciation Week. This recognition not only acknowledges her dedication but also her commitment to the school community. Gates takes pride in the influence she has had on students, many of whom credit her with gaining a love for mathematics and their academic success.

“Hearing how I influenced them as a teacher, embodies the most rewarding memories for me,” Gates said. 

During her years in the district, Gates has noted a significant shift towards prioritizing social and emotional learning.

“Our students have endured trauma that surpasses what many adults have experienced, and by providing support beyond academics, we’re equipping them to thrive in life,” Gates said. 

Gates believes in the importance of recognizing that students frequently experience strong emotions.

It’s our responsibility as educators to guide them through these emotions and teach them how to manage them effectively,” she said. “Having a supportive team is crucial.” 

“I am grateful for being able to serve the community and being able to see our students grow and become successful in their lives’ accomplishments,” Gates said.

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