Explore interactive learning at the annual Digital Palooza

This year’s Digital Palooza, hosted by the Early Learning Department, will offer teachers their own station, “Explore Education,” for a chance to meet with representatives from Apple Professional Learning, Seesaw, and BrainPOP Jr. so they can learn how to better incorporate digital tools in their lessons. 

On Saturday, April 27, students from pre-K through second grade, their parents, and teachers are invited to the fourth annual Digital Palooza, where they will have the opportunity to interact with technology like iPads by going through various creative learning stations. The event will take place from noon to 3 p.m. at Emmett J. Conrad High School. Attendance is free.

During her 15-year career, Pauline Hayden, a kindergarten teacher at Dan D. Rogers Elementary School, has learned to embrace technology and changes in instruction.

“When I started, I only used paper and pencil,” she said. “I never thought I could include iMovie or GarageBand to engage students. After I walk them through the activity, they can work independently. They have so much fun, they forget they are working and learning.”

Cristal Jackson, director of instructional strategy in Early Learning, said Digital Palooza is an opportunity for educators and students to enhance the learning process with advancing technology.

“Many of the apps students engage with help tailor experiences based on their needs and provide a focus on areas needed for growth,” she said. “Digital learning also helps build personal skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.”

Learning zones will be led by members of the Vanguard cohort, which consists of teachers and instructional specialists who receive personalized coaching and support from Apple Professional Learning.

“The use of digital learning offers numerous benefits that help improve students’ academic growth. It helps make learning accessible and provides personalized learning,” said Sheena Kapadia, an Early Learning coordinator who designs interactive curriculum-aligned activities for students.

Each learning zone at Digital Palooza features iPad activities tailored to its theme. For instance, students can be virtually transported to “Explore in the Jungle” and observe the unique characteristics of wildlife using the Keynote app. An iPad is not needed to attend, iPads will be provided.

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