Women’s History Month Profile: Miriam Gaytan 

Starting as a teacher and leader in both high school and middle school in Dallas ISD, Miriam Gaytan has worked to make a positive impact on students’ lives. Now, in her role in Maintenance and Facility Services, she continues to bring her dedication and focus on pursuing the highest standards of excellence for the benefit of students and team members.

Gaytan, currently director of operations, is a Thomas Jefferson High School graduate and an example of commitment and dedication to the community. She oversees the budget and management of the 10 organizations in Maintenance and Facility Services, she said. With an outstanding 22 years of service with Dallas ISD, Gaytan has demonstrated a commitment to education and a drive for success.

“After graduating high school, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Those 13 weeks of boot camp changed me forever, and I will never forget the pride I felt earning the title of Marine,” she said. “The Corps taught me to be a better steward of my community and to be grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed for our freedom.”

Gaytan’s journey in education was inspired by her own experiences as a student in Dallas ISD. 

“As a product of Dallas ISD, I wanted to give back to the district that helped raise me,” she said. “I admired my teachers from an early age and wondered if I could be like them someday.”

She returned to Thomas Jefferson High School as a teacher and was not disappointed when she was welcomed back as a colleague by her former teachers, something that was “incredibly special. They mentored me and helped me become the teacher I always dreamt of being,” she said. 

In her current role, Gaytan is committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion for women in her department. 

“As a woman in a department with majority men, I understand the importance of advocating for and creating awareness regarding the inclusion and acknowledgment of all perspectives and ideas,” she said. 

Words of wisdom Gaytan often shares: “Be proud of where you come from and give back every chance you get. Cherish those that love, grow, and believe in you. Always leave things better than you found them.”

In moments of adversity, Miriam draws strength from her parents, who emigrated from Mexico in pursuit of a better life.

“I think of my parents who raised three girls in a completely different country, and through their struggles, I saw their persistence and tenacity to always provide for our family,” she said.

Miriam’s leadership extends beyond her professional responsibilities; she makes time to interact with students and inspire the next generation. During Read Across America Day, she visited Sam Tasby Middle School to read a story to students and share her own story of motivation.

Miriam hopes her legacy of leadership, resilience, and dedication will continue to inspire generations to come. 

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