Meet Core 4 Champions: Lacey Kalina and Devan Trussell

Lacey Kalina has been with Dallas ISD for nine years, and Devan Trussell has been working in the district for one and a half years. They create video content for departments in Academic Services.

What attracted you to education? 

Being able to create video content and find creative solutions. 

Why do you think the district’s culture tenets are important? 

The district’s culture tenets are all important to ensure that we can all work together in a collaborative environment to successfully support the district.

Is there a time when one of the Core 4 tenets made a difference for you or someone else? 

Being able to apply any of the Core 4 tenets allows us to effectively create content and support departments all while having fun.

What is your go-to Core 4 tenet and why? 

Our go to Core 4 tenet is flexibility. We are always on the go and working on multiple projects and have to be ready for anything to pop up. You might spot us running around with cameras at a campus, event or even your professional development.

Is there something your coworker would be surprised to know about you? 

Outside of Dallas ISD, Lacey films weddings. Devan worked on a commercial film set with an Oscar winner.

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