New center offers resources to students

The new Resource Center South is now open and ready for business. Housed at the J.J. Rhoads Elementary School campus, the center supports community members from the Lincoln and James Madison school communities. Essentials such as healthy food, counseling, and medical help are now more accessible for those who need a place of support and respite, thanks to the Bond 2020 program.

“When communities are deprived of access to resources, like grocery stores, health care, job training, recreation, the results are a lower academic achievement in the classroom,” said Pamela Lear, deputy superintendent of Staff and Racial Equity. “Dallas ISD is determined to make a difference. We realized if we want all of our students to excel to the best of their abilities, we need the community’s help in filling those needs. The end result is this beautiful resource center.”

The center aims to provide services that fit the needs of its diverse community, including offering non-traditional working hours and evening programming. Visitors will enjoy safe public spaces with engaging sports and recreational activities, a podcast studio, art classes, summer camps, and academic workshops. To determine the community’s needs, Dallas ISD team members engaged residents through meetings, focus groups, and surveys.

“I’d like to encourage every single family to take full advantage of this incredible resource center because it is a direct response to the things you requested. This center was designed by you, and for you. The reward is great: It’ll be our children’s success, both in school and out of school,” said Sharon Quinn, deputy chief of the Racial Equity Office.

The resource center is located at 4401 S. Second Ave.(Bertrand Ave. Entrance).

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