Celebrating school counselors

School counselors have an enormous impact on students’ success, and their contributions are recognized and celebrated during National School Counseling Week, Feb. 5-9.  Counselors assist students in achieving academic success and career planning. Their roles include not simply guiding students academically, but also assisting them in effecting change and improving their overall well-being.  

A school counselor’s workday is never the same because each student has unique needs. This variety is one of the reasons why the job of a school counselor is one of the most fascinating and fulfilling careers in education. 

Here are a few ways to honor and support your school counselor: 

  • Send a thank-you card. 
  • Recognize a school counselor who has made an impact in the lives of their students. 
  • Have a counselor discuss their experience and explain why they selected that career.

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