Setting goals for healthier and fitter lives

Dallas ISD team members are starting 2024 with some health and fitness goals and plenty of tips to stick to them. Some joined gyms and others took up yoga, many have started drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables, and all are doing it to get healthier for themselves and their families. Here are some of the things team members said.

Edward Titche Elementary’s Conservation and Health Club is planning to exercise more in 2024. Its members weigh themselves every morning and breathe more easily. They are committed to drinking green smoothies and more water, and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.

“I will be lowering my carb and sugar intake. My motivation is my daughter. She is an athlete and getting healthier every day. She inspires me.

“I am walking during the evenings. I think I am eating healthy, drinking more water and fewer sugary drinks.”

“I have set up an alarm on my phone when to start walking. I am diabetic, and I have an insulin pump on, so I have been watching and recording my carb intake. I remind myself of what I’m eating so that I can have this pump removed.”

“I go to the gym no less than four times a week. I work on various areas of my body and seeing the change and getting stronger is my motivation. I have lost over 50 pounds, so I am motivated to be a healthier 52-year-old. Yes, I have cut out pork, chicken and beef from my diet. I have increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I have also decreased my intake of carbohydrates. Instead of meeting people for lunch or dinner, I meet with them at the track or at the gym.”

“I have been planning to get in shape for a while! When I realized my 10-year-old middle child has a little too much energy during the school days, I asked him if he’d like to start working out together before school to help get a little more focused. We have been working out each morning before we start getting ready for school, and, so far, it’s been a success! We plan to keep it up as long as we can. Even 15 minutes each morning is better than nothing. This is my second year doing Veganuary (eating vegan all January long). It is a huge challenge (I miss cheese), but it forces me to find different ways to make my vegetables taste so much better and to have them be the focus of each of my meals. I made a taco bowl for the whole family a couple of days ago and the kids didn’t even realize there was no meat! When I’m making my family healthy, it keeps me motivated to do the same. Improvement! Improvement keeps me motivated. When I look in the mirror and my belly isn’t sticking out as far, I know I’m doing the right thing. When my three kids want to get involved in ensuring our healthier lifestyle persists, their faces keep me motivated.”

“I am planning on actively implementing my strategy to support my daughter in her physical and emotional recovery following a major injury (ACL rupture). As she is an avid and successful athlete, our family has enrolled at a nearby gym. I am making it a priority to return home early every day, preparing to head to the gym. This new activity is seamlessly integrated into my routine, ensuring that I don’t overlook cooking a healthy dinner and taking the dogs for a walk. I mentioned earlier that I am focused on maintaining a healthy diet. Given the history of autoimmune diseases and high/low blood pressure in my family, I have chosen to exclusively consume whole foods while avoiding gluten and dairy. Occasionally, I might indulge in a tequeño, but that remains an exception rather than the norm. I used to share the perspective that New Year resolutions were not for me, but the alternative of being unhealthy is too daunting. One strategy I employ for any difficult or challenging endeavor is to tackle it alongside family or friends. ¡Salud!”

“I’m training for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon, and I joined the Dallas Running Club’s Training Program. My son, a junior at Emmett J. Conrad High School, is training for the Marathon distance of the same race. My younger son, a freshman, is running the marathon relay with some friends. To stay on track with my healthy eating, I’m tracking my intake on LifeSum, as well as planning my meals ahead of time. When you’re training for a race, it’s easy to get extra hungry and derail your healthy eating attempts. My family is training with me.”

“I’ve had gym memberships and found that it was so hard to motivate myself to go, so I’ve decided to clear a space in my garage and in my home where I will do at least 15 to 30 minutes of some sort of exercise. I do at least 100 crunches every day. The number one goal is to be in a better mental space for 2024. Being an empty nester, I have more time to read, meditate and do me. Being a single mom and balancing work life with home life takes intentional planning. I find when I am in a better head space I can think clearer, be better and actually enjoy the things I do. With being an empty nester, I can cook less and have such an awesome role model in my eldest daughter, in learning how to meal prep. I am not restricted to cooking every day, with it just being me at home. As long as the four-legged babies are good, I think my eating habits will get better, and I can return to my ovo-pescatarian diet. I found I had more energy and felt better all around. Now, don’t ask me to give up my coffee, that is not happening…lol. I’ve created a vision board with the things I want to accomplish for this year, and this is my little accountability measure for myself. Since this is 2024, I have come up with 24 things, and of course, a healthier me is important. My goal is not to lose any kind of weight or reach some summer body, but to be healthier and avoid any costly medication that I would have to take to keep me alive.”

“I will do yoga five times a week and fast walk during my 15 minute break around the garden. I will look at my picture to remind myself how I feel when I look at myself and talk to people and watch videos to have a healthier lifestyle. I plan to change for the long run, so I am gradually changing what I eat. I first changed ground beef to ground turkey. I am eating more protein to keep me full. This is just for right now as I get in a routine of this, I will add two more. I also only eat one plate. I try cooking new healthy foods to share with my family. If they like it, too, then it stays on the menu.”

“After two surgeries on my hand within four months of each other, I finally got cleared by my physical therapist to go back to the gym. So, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are my gym days. I stay on track by keeping a schedule and sticking to it. Bariatric surgery and a high protein diet have helped me lose over 100 pounds in the past two years. I am just 20 pounds from my goal weight. Being able to get back in the gym and making sure to stick to my protein goals will help me get those last few pounds off.”

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