Master Teachers: A Series

Camille Muñoz, a P-TECH teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, has been working in education since 2004, with the past 13 years in Dallas ISD. 

She is from Dallas, and spent the first six years of her teaching career working for the Catholic  Diocese of Dallas at two private schools. She said she quickly realized that she wanted to impact more students and decided to make the move to Dallas ISD and public education. 

Muñoz was recently recognized as one of Dallas ISD’s Master Teachers. Get to know more about her background and passion for student success. 

What drew you to education? 

I was drawn to education after coaching a girls’ eighth-grade basketball team when I was in high school. I did not realize until later the impact of that experience. It took a college roommate, who was an education major, to point out the ability I had to work with young people. It had never dawned on me that coaching was teaching! After college I decided to try substitute teaching in the College Station School District. I then wanted to see what I could do if I had the opportunity to have my own classroom. Finally, when I made it back to Dallas, I taught seventh-grade history and English, then quickly made the switch to a local private high school. I truly feel I have prepared to be in education my whole life without always realizing it. Education has always been a calling in my life, a vocation. 

How are you creating opportunities for students?

I create opportunities for students by helping them find their voice through writing and supporting their understanding of complex texts. Aiding students in the ability to express themselves allows them to create a future they may have not always known existed. The future will require our kids to understand various documents that apply to their everyday lives and comprehending them starts now. If they are hindered by their understanding, it allows others to control their lives, and this is something I help them realize while they are in my room—the importance of knowing for yourself!

What is your best teaching tip? 

My best teaching tip is to model what you expect from your students in every possible aspect, from writing, to talking, to working with others. Hearing a student quote you is a rewarding feeling. 

What would your students be surprised to find out about you?

My kids would be surprised to find out that I originally wanted to “grow up” to be a marine biologist and study whales! I also considered joining the U.S. Navy to become a lawyer in the JAG Corps!

What inspires you the most about being an educator?  

I am sincerely inspired by empowering students to know that education is the key that allows them to be able to determine and own their own future.

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