Master Teachers: A series

The Beat has interviewed Master Teachers across the district to share their stories and introspections about their careers, including tips for teaching. Meet Master Teacher Bob Adams.

Adams, a Master Teacher at Rufus C. Burleson Elementary School first came to Dallas ISD in 2007 after spending six years teaching at an international school in China. Originally from Marlin, Texas, a small town near Waco, Adams said his plan was always to teach at Dallas ISD. 

Out of the 28 years in education,17 of those have been at Dallas ISD, not counting the three years in the U.S. Peace Corps working with school groups in Honduras and Chile.

What drew you to education?

I have a degree in Accounting from The University of Texas in Austin. After working as an accountant several years, I found it to be an unsatisfying career. To make a change, I joined the U.S. Peace Corps. During my service, I learned Spanish and worked with school groups, which led me naturally to a career in education. Upon returning to the United States, I completed Alternative Certification with Region 10 and completed a Masters of Bilingual Education at Southern Methodist University

How are you creating opportunities for students?

I create opportunities for my students by showing up 100% for them every day. I want them to see me as a role model as to how a person should approach their career. I hope to inspire them to realize all the opportunities that are available and make the right choices to reach their potential and their dreams.

What is your best teaching tip?

Give your best effort and be proud of yourself. Teachers tend to be hard on themselves!

What would your students be surprised to find out about you?

That I was originally an accountant and worked in a bank.

What inspires you the most about being an educator?

The idea that as educators we are doing something to benefit the world and society. We have a great responsibility and privilege to teach our students to be kind and ethical towards others and towards nature.

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